Cleaning an Apple TV remote is relatively simple. Here’s a guide on how to clean it:

Materials needed:

  1. ¬†You’ll need a cleaning agent, we recommend our Mistify 500mlc with clothes and cleaning brush included.
  2. Cotton buds.

Steps to clean the Apple TV remote:

  1. Remove the Batteries (if applicable): If your Apple TV remote has replaceable batteries, take them out before cleaning to prevent any damage caused by liquid.
  2. Slightly Dampen the Cloth with the Mistify solution Ensure the cloth is not soaking wet, just slightly damp.
  3. Clean the Remote: Gently wipe the remote with the dampened cloth. Focus on areas that are dirtier or have stubborn stains. Avoid letting moisture seep into the buttons or openings.
  4. Use Cotton Swabs (if needed): For areas that are hard to reach or where dirt may have accumulated, you can dip a cotton bud in the Mistify solution, carefully clean those areas. Be cautious not to let excess liquid drip into the device.
  5. Dry the Remote: Use a dry part of the cloth to wipe off any remaining moisture on the remote. Ensure it’s completely dry before reinserting the batteries or using it again.
  6. Reassemble and Test: Once the remote is completely dry, reinsert the batteries (if you removed them) and test the functionality to make sure all buttons are working properly.


  • Mistify is a natural plant based cleaning solution that contains no alcohol or ammonia. Mistify is a very gentle and effective cleaning solution
  • Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, or any strong solvents as they can damage your Apple TV remote

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